First time in Shoonch

Shoonch represents CardioBarre intensive workout, which includes in it strength building exercises and pilates moves.

CardioBarre warms up all the muscles by providing it with oxygen and boosting the metabolism, by helping to stimulate the weight loss and to feel more strenght and flexibility.

The class has four parts:

  1. stretchings,
  2. choreografia
  3. strength building
  4. relaxation

 Classes will take place every Monday and Thursday at 8:10 PM




Morning Yoga

Sivananda Yoga  for begginers

Every Tuesday and Friday at 10:00 AM

Duration 1 hour 15 min

Fee 22 000 AMD for 10 classes

Traditional Chinese medicine nutrition (Past Event)

Seminar class with Sona Mnatsakanyan


Duration 1 hour 30 min

Fee 3500 AMD 

Please register for participation



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Dynamic Vinyasa (Past Event)

Special Yoga Class with Guest teacher Aram from London

Duration 90 min

Fee 5000 AMD

Class will be in English

Please register for partisipation



With Nanor Petronsyan

From 16th of March

Every Monday and Wednesday at 7:45 PM

Fee 22 000 AMD for 8 classes

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Tai Chi (Past event)

Special Class with Sona Mnatsakanyan 


Duration 1 hour 30 min

Fee 3500 AMD

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Deeper in Yoga (Past Event)

Special Class with Shushan Hovhannisyan

Duration 2 hours, Fee 3500 AMD

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Special Class with Nari Malkhasyan (Past Event)

Nari began her yoga journey over 10 years ago when she first stepped on the mat seeking an escape from the stresses of her daily life.  Instead, the practice made her feel more connected to life and to her true self.  It gave her a new awareness and allowed her to appreciate the physical aspects of yoga as well as the mental ones.

 Nari received her RYT 200 training from Inner Power Yoga in Northern Virginia, and has had the good fortune to practice with teachers such as Bryan Kest, Isauro Fernandez, and Goldie Kaufenberg.  Her teaching is inspired by the precision of Iyengar and fueled by the natural marriage of body and mind found in the flowing movement of Vinyasa.  Nari teaches with compassion, making yoga practice accessible to students at all levels, while encouraging them to challenge their limits and discover their own possibilities.

 Outside of her yoga practice, Nari is a vegan, a traveller, and a runner, who is inspired by challenging her limits. 

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