Linda Bashirians, Managing Director

Linda discovered the benefits of yoga in 2000. Since then, yoga has become a way of life for her. She practices yoga on daily basis and regularly attends classes on a variety of styles. Recognizing the absence of professional yoga studios in Yerevan and wishing to share her passion for yoga with Yerevan residents, in 2007 Linda established Shoonch.

Shushan Hovhannisyan, Qualified Yoga Instructor

Shushan Hovhannisyan was first introduced to knowledge of yoga by Pease Corps Volunteer Pamela Holmes in 2004. In 2007 she attended yoga teacher training course with certified Iyengar Instructor Francois Raoult, M.A. R.Y.T at Open Sky in Rochester, NY. From 2008 Shushan is taking part at Gabriella Giobilaro’s yearly seminars in many different countries. The seminar “From Foot to Hip” in States, which Shushan took in 2011, was focused on hip and lower back problems. Shushan has spent January of 2014 in Minsk, Belurus, studiing with experienced teachers of Ayengar yoga school.

Zarine Grigoryan, Qualified Yoga Instructor

 Zarine Grigoryan received her yoga teacher certificate in Ashtanga yoga from Yagobov Yoga Institute, Los Angeles, USA. Zarine has been practicing yoga since 2004. She was introduced to yoga while studying Indian philosophy during her studies at the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography. Zarine joined the team of Shoonch in the fall of 2009.

Armine Kurghinyan, Qualified Yoga Instructor

Armine Kurghinyan (Saraswatti) has been practicing meditation since 2007, which help her to expend the knowledge about yoga, and so having will to continue in spiritual path in 2012 studied yoga philosophy in Bihar School of Yoga with Sri Satyananda's method. By her return to homeland started to work and enlarge her yoga practice at Schoonch Yoga Center as well as Yoga Nidra as a new method.      

Nanor Petrosyan, Qualified Yoga Instructor

Nanor is a certified yoga instructor. She started practicing yoga since 2002.   Her involvement in Shoonch yoga studio has woken up a desire to acknowledge the Yoga world deeper and to become a Yoga instructor. In January of 2008, she travelled to India and attended the renowned International Sivanada Yoga Vedanta Center in Trivandrium.  When she was back  she began teaching Sivananda yoga in Shoonch Yoga Studio.

Luci Martirosyan, Qualified Pilates Instructor

Lucy is a professional ballerina graduated from Moscow State Academic Theatre of Dance, Russia. In 2002, after ending her ballet career on the stages of Armenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre she left for Moscow to train as a Pilates instructor and start her second career. In 2007 Lucy joind Shoonch's profetional team.

Vahe Danielyan, Qualified Massage Therapist

Vahe has been a sportsman since he was 7. His love of sports eventually took him in the direction of anatomy and massage therapy. In 1990 he qualified as a massage therapist at the Sports and Physical Education department of Moscow Medical School, Russia. Vahe is very creative and loves to experiment and explore with different massage types and techniques. 

Shoushanik Stepanyan, Qualified Massage Therapist

Shoushanik specializes in the therapy of newborns, children and pregnant women. In 2007, she furthered her expertise by attending Chinese Massage Therapy classes. In 2013 Shushanik was certified in The Chetawan Thai Traditional Massage school in Bangkok, Thailand.

Lusine Davtyan, Qualified Massage Therapist

 Lusine Davtyan graduated the College of Yerevan Haybusak University in 2009 and qualified as a nurse- massage therapist. In June of 2009 trained as a massage therapist in the Canadian International Academy in Armenia. Join Shoonch yoga studio in 2010: 

Zara Nahapetyan, Deputy Director

Zara grauated from the Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov majoring in Spanish and English. She continued her studies at Yerevan State University in the field of Public Relations. Zara joined Shoonch team from 2007 and since she is an active practitioner of Yoga and Piltes.

Nare Nahapetyan